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Google is making a significant investment in the field of artificial intelligence by investing in OpenAI rival startup Anthropic. This move amplifies Google’s presence in the rapidly growing AI industry.

The investment specifics are as follows:

  • Google’s Move: Google is making a significant pledge, committing $2B to Anthropic. This investment takes the form of a convertible note, set to change into equity at Anthropic’s next investment round.
  • Amazon’s Previous Investment: This funding follows Amazon’s previous $4B convertible note with Anthropic.
  • Investment Details: Google’s strategy is to invest $500M presently, with the remaining $1.5B promised later. Additionally, Google had already injected $550M into Anthropic and signed a long-term, substantial cloud deal earlier.
  • Key Players: At the heart of these mega deals is Vu Bui, Anthropic’s head of strategic finance and investor relations, who was recently brought on board.
  • Valuation: Predictions suggest that Anthropic’s valuation could surge to $20-$30B, a substantial leap from its current $5B valuation.

Both Google and Amazon view Anthropic as a potential major player in the AI field and thus a potential high-value cloud customer. Interestingly, despite Google’s sizeable cloud deal, Amazon remains Anthropic’s “primary cloud provider.”

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