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AI has been revolutionary in shaping the video production landscape. It has capabilities ranging from making real people speak different languages to generating synthetic speakers.

  • AI in video creation: AI-powered tools are now used widely in generating product videos. A case in point is Synthesia, which raised a staggering $90M this year for its platform that can produce personalized videos from plain text. The platform, which has raised a total of $156.6M so far, pushes the boundaries in AI video production.
  • The Challenge: Mass producing these AI-powered videos, especially for numerous products, is not an easy task and often demands plenty of manual intervention.
  • Oxolo’s Innovative Solution: Oxolo, a German startup, is approaching this problem with a novel technique that uses generative AI. For instance, a company can create a corporate training video tailored to employee type, management level, gender, and geography. The video automatically adjusts its performance based on viewer engagement.
  • Simplified Video Production: Oxolo simplifies the production process. According to co-founder Elisabeth L’Orange, users only need to paste a product link into Oxolo and hit generate to create a complete product video. Manual input or editing is minimal.
  • Oxolo’s Founders and Funding: Oxolo, co-founded by former venture partner with Neuhaus Partners, Elisabeth L’Orange, and Heiko Hubertz, ex-founder & CEO of Bigpoint games, has successfully raised a €13 million Series A funding round. This was led by DN Capital with participation from several German angel investors.

The market for video advertising creation tools is poised for substantial growth. Market Growth Reports anticipate the market size to be between $1.0-$1.5B in 2023, projected to grow at a 15-20% CAGR, to reach $3.4B in 2028 and $4.3B by 2030.

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