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Microsoft Corporation has announced a significant investment in Australia, aimed at expanding cloud computing and artificial intelligence infrastructure.

Here are the key points:

  • Total Investment: An investment of A$5B (approximately $3.2B USD) will be made over the course of the next two years, making it the largest investment Microsoft has made in Australia in 40 years.
  • Investment Benefits: Microsoft’s data centers in Canberra, Sydney, and Melbourne will experience a 45% increase, growing from 20 to 29 sites. This expansion represents a significant increase in Microsoft’s digital footprint down under.
  • Microsoft Academy: In partnership with the state of New South Wales, Microsoft plans to establish a Microsoft Datacenter Academy in Australia, aiming to provide education and training in data center operations.
  • Other Collaborations: Microsoft will also collaborate with the Australian Signals Directorate intelligence agency to launch a cybersecurity initiative, showcasing its commitment to secure digital development. This announcement aligns with the Aukus agreement, a pact signed in 2021 between the US, UK, and Australia to share intelligence in tech fields like quantum computing and AI.
  • Strengthening the Workforce: PM Albanese applauded the investment as a significant step towards job creation and skill development for Australia’s future workforce, with a goal to create 1.2 million tech sector jobs in Australia by 2030.

According to Microsoft’s president Brad Smith, this move reinforces their commitment to helping Australia thrive in the AI era. This announcement is seen as a major step forward in strengthening tech innovation and collaborations under the Aukus agreement.

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