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Peak XV Partners, a VC fund in India and Southeast Asia, early-stage program, Surge, has seen a majority of startups specializing in AI in their 9th cohort.

Here’s a rundown of the startups from their latest cohort:

  • Dozer: Co-founded by Matteo Pelati and Vivek Gudapuri, Dozer is a data infrastructure platform aiming to help data scientists and engineers build scalable, real-time data APIs swiftly and efficiently.
  • Elivaas: This venture by Karan Miglani and Ritwik Khare serves as a management platform for luxury properties, allowing owners to profit and maintain their vacation homes in India.
  • Ethereal Machines: Operating in the advanced manufacturing sector, the founders Kaushik Mudda and Navin Jain are specializing in the production of precision engineering components using multi-axis computer numerical control machines.
  • Horizon Quantum Computing: Joe Fitzsimons’ startup is developing software tools aimed at harnessing the potential of quantum computing hardware.
  • InCore: Arjun Menon, Gautam Doshi, GS Madhusudan, and Neel Gala’s startup is crafting RISC-V-based processor solutions, which are expected to have broad applications across various industries like industrial automation and consumer electronics.
  • Mercu: Established by Elliott Gibb and Jascha Zittel, Mercu is an employee engagement platform that streamlines the process of hiring, training, and engaging frontline teams within companies.
  • Mindgrove: Sharan Srinivas J and Shashwath T R’s venture focuses on creating cost-effective, scalable microprocessor technology.
  • Neurowyzr: Co-founded by Pang Sze Yunn and Navdeep Vij Singh, Neurowyzr operates in the healthtech sector, developing cutting-edge tech to detect and address early signs of brain decline.
  • Newtrace: Prasanta Sarkar and Rochan Sinha’s climate tech startup aims to produce innovative electrolyzers for efficient and affordable green hydrogen production.
  • An AI-powered anime art generator developed by Alvin Li, Raven Gao, and Veronica Liao, offering users a range of tools for creating personalized anime art.
  • Relevance AI: Daniel Vassilev and Jacky Koh aim to help companies automate workflows through their no-code AI workforce.
  • ZeroK: This AI platform, founded by Mudit Krishna Mathur, Varun Ramamurthy, Samyukktha Thirumeni, and Shivam Nagar, enables developers to troubleshoot production incidents swiftly by providing intelligent checks.
  • An anonymous startup is also operating an AI platform aimed at enhancing software team productivity by offering contextual answers tailored to their codebases.
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