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Peak XV Partners, the VC fund focused on India and Southeast Asia, is intensifying its search for opportunities in AI and other deep tech sectors. This trend is evident in its influential early-stage program, Surge, where ten of the thirteen startups from the latest cohort specialize in these areas.

  • Industry In Participation: A majority of the startups in the latest Surge cohort, Peak XV’s influential early-stage program, are in the AI and deep tech sectors. This comes amidst growing global sentiment regarding the AI startup landscape.
  • Issues To Be Solved: The new batch of startups is working on diverse issues such as identifying and addressing early brain decline, transforming the processor design world, and scaling the hydrogen economy.
  • Broad Reach: The program has backed over 140 firms to date, and these startups have collectively raised more than $2B in follow-on funding.
  • Unique Structure: Surge rolls out two cohorts annually, maintaining a measured portfolio size for each batch. This allows Peak XV partners and other team members to engage more closely with founders, offering guidance on various subjects, from product strategy to the startup’s mission statement.
  • Seed Funding: Each Surge startup raises up to $3M in seed funding, a feature that sets the Peak XV program apart from other market offerings. This, along with access to an extensive set of resources, provides startups with a significant edge in the market.
  • Global Expansion: The new fund, the first since Peak XV’s split from Sequoia U.S., includes two Australian startups. While this isn’t the first time Surge or any other Peak XV arm has backed an Australian startup, it indicates the venture firm’s active interest in the country, especially in software firms.

Peak XV has over 100 investments in software companies, providing them with essential support to build global businesses. Their experience and expertise are valuable for Australian startups.

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