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Tofu, a content creation startup, is poised to become a knight in shining armor for all B2B marketers. This company recently raised $5M in seed funding to develop a platform that leverages generative AI to produce content for big omnichannel B2B campaigns, ultimately simplifying marketers’ lives.

  • The Challenge: Small marketing teams often struggle to maintain a consistent message across emails, landing pages, and other materials due to the multitude of tools they need to handle.
  • The Solution: Tofu is developing an AI platform that can autonomously generate content for all these channels, streamlining the process and ensuring a cohesive narrative.
  • The Team: Tofu was created by Eunjoon (EJ) ChoElaine Zelby, and Honglei Liu, who bring with them valuable experience from working at industry giants like Slack, Twitter, Facebook, and Google.
  • The Vision: Tofu believes that the process of content creation is on the verge of a major shift and is banking heavily on generative AI to empower marketers to produce content more efficiently.
  • The Journey: Prior to Tofu, Cho faced the challenges of marketing as an entrepreneur, igniting his interest in maximizing ROI and harnessing marketing channels more effectively.
  • The Process: Tofu constructs an AI knowledge graph (or ‘Playbook’) for its clients using data gleaned from clients’ websites and marketing materials. This ‘Playbook’ serves as the foundation for developing personalized campaigns on a large scale.
  • The Meaning Behind the Name: Tofu is an acronym for “top of funnel,” a marketing term that refers to the initial stage of the conversion process when potential leads first learn about a brand or product. This is precisely the stage where Tofu aims to replace the conventional set of tools.

Tofu plans to collaborate with campaign execution tools like HubSpot, aiming to be a comprehensive resource for marketers’ content needs. With a target on enterprise-level customers, Tofu aspires to become an essential tool for marketing teams globally.

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