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Google is about to take the language-learning game to the next level! A brand-new, interactive feature for Google Search is on its way that will enhance and elevate your English speaking skills. Duolingo might have to step aside as this personalized practicing tool becomes every language learner’s best companion.

Here are the key features of this exciting new development:

  • Location Availability: Initially, this feature will be launched for Android users in Argentina, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Venezuela. The party will be expanding soon to include more countries and languages.
  • Master Your Vocabulary: Under the guidance of Google Research director Christian Plagemann and product manager Katya Cox, users can boost their vocabulary and translation skills through interactive speaking sessions.
  • A Tailored Learning Experience: Google is committed to delivering a custom-made language learning journey. It provides intelligent, personalized feedback on your speech and even sets up daily reminders to keep you on track.
  • Detailed Feedback: The tool is so sophisticated that it provides feedback on semantics, grammar, and even suggests alternative responses based on the complexity of your language.
  • Translation Assistance: Simply tap on any word that puzzles you and receive a translation that fits the context. Learning has never been more straightforward.
  • A Fusion of AI and Machine Learning: The Google Translate and Research teams have blended AI and machine learning to craft a smooth, user-friendly learning experience

Linguists, teachers, and ESL/EFL pedagogical experts have been consulted to ensure the perfect blend of human-expert content and AI assistance.

Google has plans to collaborate with various language learning partners, adding even more content for us to consume.

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