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Perovskite silicon tandem solar cells are outperforming traditional silicon cells in efficiency. This sophisticated technology merges perovskite crystals and silicon cells to harness sunlight and convert it into power.

  • The Innovator: Singapore-based startup, Cosmos Innovation, leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify the complex process of creating these tandem solar cells. With a $19.7M in funding and now out of stealth mode, Cosmos is making great strides in this innovative field.
  • The Secret Ingredient: The company’s AI platform, Mobius, accelerates the development of solar cells, embodying the notion of speed and precision. The ultimate vision is a self-learning fabrication plant—an AI-driven solar and semiconductor factory that gets smarter with every production cycle.
  • The Founding Team: The founders, CEO Vijay Chandrasekhar and CTO Joel Li, are seasoned professionals with qualifications from A*STAR and the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore.
  • The Potential: This groundbreaking technology, while promising, is not without its hurdles such as stability and scalability. Once these challenges are overcome, it could revolutionize residential rooftop panels, commercial and industrial panels, and power plant grids due to its high efficiency and compact size.
  • The Process: Designing these cells is akin to solving a multilayered puzzle. But with the aid of the Mobius platform, researchers can find the optimal formula for maximum efficiency and stability.
  • The Competition: Cosmos is locked in a close race with rivals like Oxford PV and CubicPV, all vying for dominance in the perovskite silicon tandem arena. Cosmos holds an advantage having started as an AI company before foraying into semiconductors.

Current funding is being channelled towards research and development, while the go-to-market strategy prioritizes pilot customers and smaller applications. The company’s self-learning fab, already operational in Singapore, is a critical part of their roadmap.

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