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East Ventures is excited to announce the launch of a specialized fund focused on healthcare investments. This new initiative, already backed with a commitment of $30M, was unveiled at this year’s Tech in Asia Conference in Jakarta by co-founder and managing partner, Willson Cuaca.

  • Background: This decision follows a collaboration earlier this year between East Ventures, Indonesia’s Ministry of Health, and business consulting firm Redseer. Together, they published a report spotlighting the potential and importance of genomics, emphasizing how public and private sectors can join forces to enhance Indonesia’s healthcare capabilities.
  • Goals: Expanding on the firm’s interest in genomics, Cuaca stated that East Ventures would significantly increase its investments in this field, which is pivotal for developing an “adaptive and proactive healthcare system.”
  • Investment Portfolio: East Ventures’ investment portfolio already includes promising healthcare startups like Singapore-based biotech firm NalaGenetics and gut microbiome company Amili

In addition to the healthcare fund, East Ventures has also recently partnered with Seoul-based VC firm SV Investment, aiming to create a $100M fund. This fund plans to invest in South Korean startups specializing in areas such as biotech and healthcare, future mobility, and media and content.

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