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Vulcan Augmetics, an innovative startup hailing from Vietnam, is making news in the field of robotic prosthetics. Recently, they secured an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Quest Ventures, setting them up for a bright future.

  • Innovative Technology: Vulcan Augmetics has pioneered the use of biosignal sensors to digitize the fitting and rehabilitation process for prosthetics. Their proprietary machine-learning software outperforms the industry standard by significantly reducing fitting times by up to 60%. This means a process that traditionally takes between 6-18 hours can now be completed in under two minutes.
  • Affordability: They’re not just fast – they’re also committed to making their technology affordable. This is a crucial part of their mission to assist underserved amputees in developing nations.
  • Future Outlook: Don’t think Vulcan Augmetics is going to stop at prosthetics. They’re planning to venture into other areas of wearable tech, ranging from the everyday fitness trackers to AR and VR control systems.
  • Industry Reactions: Vulcan’s CEO, Rafael Masters, expresses enthusiasm about the potential to aid the worldwide disabled community, suggesting that this venture could influence up to two billion people by 2030.

With an estimated 57 million amputees globally, including over half a million in Vietnam, Vulcan Augmetics have plenty of lives to transform.

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