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Greetings finance enthusiasts! We’re here to share exciting news from MoneySmart Group. The duo, MoneySmart and Bubblegum, despite the challenging economic landscape of 2023, have achieved remarkable success.

Here are the highlights:

  • Impressive Growth: After a commendable 27% growth in 2022, they’ve outdone themselves with a 37% increase in revenue in H1 2023 accumulating an impressive SGD24M. Their financial strength was further demonstrated with a 53% increase in margins, resulting in positive operating cash flow.
  • CFO’s Statement: Raymond Ong, CFO, believes their H1 2023 performance reflects our dedication to financial sustainability and operational efficiency.
  • Investing in the Future: MoneySmart remains committed to enhancing customer experiences and driving growth.
  • Future plans include: MoneySmart and Bubblegum will offer personalized experiences and rewards, utilizing AI and automation to boost customer service and operational efficiency, and Bubblegum’s preparation to launch value-driven insurance products.
  • Public Listing: MoneySmart is planning for the future with the intent to go public in the next two years.
  • Pre-IPO Round for Global Expansion: They have their sights on global expansion and improving our product and tech capabilities. Currently, MoneySmart is seeking partners who share their vision that technology will revolutionize the financial industry.

MoneySmart Group, a major personal finance portal in Southeast Asia, is committed to helping individuals achieve their financial goals. Whether you’re seeking banking, insurance, or investment services, we have you covered. With their Bubblegum brand, they aim to craft appealing insurance products and become the leading digital insurance brand of the future.

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