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Jungle Ventures, a venture capitalist firm based in Singapore, recently announced its new initiative, First Cheque@Jungle. This program is dedicated to partnering with experienced entrepreneurs, regardless of their industry or business stage.

At its core, the program operates on two fundamental principles:

  • Quality over Quantity: Jungle Ventures believes in investing its resources in a select few. The firm seeks out extraordinary teams, who dare to challenge the status quo with their innovative ideas.
  • Generous Investments with No Strings Attached: The first cheque they write is nothing short of impressive. Expect an initial investment of at least US$2M, split evenly between equity and a no-cap convertible note. And the best part? There’s no demand for a minimum ownership stake in your venture.

Additional highlights of the program include:

  • Rejecting the norm: Jungle Ventures dismisses the common practice of securing ’25-30 per cent ownership upfront’, considering it a hindrance. They advocate for aligning incentives rather than potentially harming businesses in the long run.
  • Leading the way: Jungle Ventures is prepared to lead or co-lead subsequent Series A funding rounds. This means entrepreneurs won’t have to seek additional investors.
  • Significant investments: The firm is ready to make substantial investments, ranging from US$5M to US$10M per company.
  • More than financial support: Jungle Ventures claims that although they have the privilege of being the first to write a cheque for multiple companies, they also “deeply understand the power of being the first to believe in an idea and provide essential capital and business-building support.”

Successful partnerships with Moglix, Kredivo, and Livspace demonstrate the validity of their approach. Each of these companies has grown significantly since they first partnered with Jungle Ventures.

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