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Our pals at Zendesk have just unleashed a new and shiny AI feature for their flagship customer service platform.

  • What’s the Deal? Zendesk has turned up the heat by launching a bunch of generative AI features to amp up the productivity of help desk teams worldwide.
  • Tech-Speak Translated: The platform is like a virtual cockpit for support reps, fielding customer requests. Plus, it’s loaded with useful tools for crafting knowledge-based articles and a machine learning kit for building customer service chatbots.
  • Chatbots, Reinvented: Zendesk’s chatbots now perform way beyond routine. They’re now programmed to display preset, human-crafted answers to FAQs. They also offer you a subtler control – the power to swing the tone of support answers from casual to professional.
  • Customized Responses: Zendesk is rolling out the red carpet for industries like travel, HR, and tech support. Now, these businesses can tailor the chatbots’ answers to suit specific contexts. For instance, query about frequent flier miles to an airline, and get detailed info on their loyalty program.
  • Support Upgrades: Answers can now incorporate information from multiple articles, and a new entity detection feature gets to the heart of customer queries pronto!
  • AI for Voice: No more manual transcription for support calls. This tool does it all – transcription, summary, and even calculates a customer sentiment score. Neat, huh?
  • The Bigger Picture: All these swanky updates are among the first major steps Zendesk has taken since it left public life last November. To recap Zendesk gracefully sidestepped a $17B takeover bid in February 2022, considering it underwhelming but come June there was a clamor from investors to hammer the stock. Zendesk agreed to a $10.2B sale to Permira and Hellman & Friedman.

Despite a workforce reduction of 8% in June, CEO Tom Eggemeier is optimistic about the company’s trajectory, setting sights on becoming a $5B or $10B entity.

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