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Let’s dive into the thrilling narrative of CRED, a fintech sensation straight out of India, that’s reshaping the financial landscape with its dynamic approach.

  • Remarkable Revenue Growth: CRED’s operating revenue has impressively surged by 255%, reaching a staggering $168.1M in the last fiscal year. From a modest $50M income in the previous fiscal year, this is a remarkable leap that mirrors the growth of a precocious teenager!
  • Trimming Losses: CRED has effectively reduced its losses by around 10%, bringing them down to $125.7M.
  • Employee First Attitude: CRED prioritizes talent recruitment and retention. Their Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) cost soared to $36M last year, demonstrating a profound commitment to their employees.
  • Diverse Portfolio: CRED isn’t just resting on its laurels. It has expanded its reach into e-commerce, wealth management, and lending. Their new ‘Garage’ service offers comprehensive vehicle management, from insurance to document handling.
  • Impressive Transaction Volume: The total payment value on CRED’s platform witnessed a 77% surge to $52B, creating a mini-economy within its ecosystem.
  • Solid Cash Reserves: With about $250M in cash reserves as of March this year, CRED is a financial fortress.
  • Utility: CRED members can conveniently pay credit card and utility bills, make transactions, and even process a significant third of all credit card payments in India.
  • Cost Efficiency: By reducing marketing and business promotion expenses by 27%, CRED demonstrates smart financial management.

Founder Kunal Shah envisions CRED as a habit for the top 1%, with the company steadily progressing towards profitability and significant revenue scale.

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