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Prepare for a wave of innovation surging from the realm of agriculture. Treetoscope, an Israel-based startup, have just concluded their seed funding round. They bagged hefty investments from giants like Champel Capital, Earth Venture Capital, SeedIL, among other strategic investors.

  • Utilizing Finance: With their financial backing secured, Treetoscope is all set to accelerate their R&D, fuel their growth trajectory, and broaden commercial agriculture across North America and beyond.
  • Next-Gen Irrigation Insights: Powered by a blend of artificial intelligence (AI) and innovative sensors, Treetoscope provides a wealth of advanced irrigation data. These sensors monitor plant water consumption in real-time, acting as a round-the-clock plant-sitter.
  • Impressive Investment Portfolio: Treetoscope has amassed over $10M in total investments, including grants from the Israel Innovation Authority and the Bird Foundation, a joint Israel-US government fund.
  • Global Expansion and Strategic Alliances: Already making an impact in Europe and North America through partnerships with prominent companies like The Toro Company, Netafim, and Hektas, Treetoscope has its sight set on Asia next.
  • Treetoscope Offers: Their unique in-plant sensors, coupled with AI, weather data, satellite imagery, and other remote data, provide a comprehensive dataset that aids in scheduling irrigations, reducing water and other input costs, and ensuring optimal crop health.

In a world where 70% of annual freshwater consumption is used (and more than half wasted) by the agricultural sector due to inefficient irrigation systems, evaporation, and poor water management, TreetoScope’s product can significantly reduce water waste.

Treetoscope promises to save farmers approximately 30% in irrigation expenses, boosting crop yield, and profit margins.

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