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Investree, an Indonesian fintech lending platform, has recently secured a staggering EUR 220M (US$231M) in their Series D funding round spearheaded by JTA International Holding.

  • The JV Formation: This Joint Venture (JV) with JTA International Holding is set to serve as Investree’s Middle East hub.
  • Digital Lending Tech Solutions: The JV will provide state-of-the-art digital lending tech solutions, including an AI-based credit scoring service.
  • Empowering MSMEs: The partnership aims to support MSMEs in Qatar, the Middle East, and Central Asia with cutting-edge technology from Indonesia.
  • Utilizing the Funding: Investree plans to expand its range of products and services, and collaborate with more partners to bring innovative digital solutions for MSMEs.
  • Investree’s Funding History: After a successful Series C round in March 2020, where they raised US$23.5M led by MUFG Innovation Partners and BRI Ventures, Investree has shown consistent growth in funding, previously securing US$10M from responsAbility Investments.
  • Investree’s Foundation and Mission: Founded in Jakarta in 2015, Investree’s objective is to provide digital support for MSMEs unable to secure loans from traditional financial institutes.

Currently, Investree offers four products including invoice financing, working capital term loans, buyer financing, and microproductive loans for ultra-micro entrepreneurs.

As of October 2023, Investree Indonesia has reportedly issued a total of US$916.30M in productive loans.

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