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BlackBerry is gearing up for a significant IPO specifically for its Internet of Things (IoT) division. This move means that the IoT sector is all set to have its own impressive debut on Wall Street, stepping out of its cybersecurity counterpart’s shadow.

  • When is this happening? BlackBerry suggests it might occur sometime during the first half of its fiscal year (which winds up in February).
  • Who’s behind the strategy? The architects of this strategic move are Morgan Stanley and Perella Weinberg Partners. Their collective wisdom points towards an IPO as the ideal route for the IoT business.
  • What is IoT? IoT empowers everyday appliances, cars, and items with online capabilities and sensors. Imagine waking up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee, thanks to your IoT-enabled coffee maker!
  • What’s the market response? BlackBerry’s stocks enjoyed a nice 5% bump in late trading last Wednesday. The company’s market valuation currently stands at $2.5B.
  • Why an IPO? BlackBerry believes that this IPO will enable shareholders to independently evaluate the performance and future potential of its primary businesses, with each having its own strategy and capital allocation.
  • What’s the history? BlackBerry, previously a company working in the phone industry, has morphed into a security software provider. They announced this fiscal review back in May.

While some concerns about the company’s financial performance have been raised, they’re largely eclipsed by the excitement surrounding the upcoming IPO.

Some are speculating that Veritas Capital might be considering BlackBerry for a potential buyout.

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