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Dreaming of becoming the next big name in India’s gaming ecosystem? Krafton India, the company behind the reinvigorated BGMI, just launched a gaming incubator named Krafton India Gaming Incubator (KIGI). They’re not just dusting magic over hopefuls; they’re pouring in resources, expertise, and funding ( $50,000 – $150,000, to be exact).

  • Who’s Eligible: Early-stage Indian startups, student teams, and independent developers with a passion for gaming.
  • The Strategy: A plan to foster 6-10 teams annually, for a period ranging from 6 months to a year.
  • The Benefits: A wealth of mentorship from industry experts, access to Krafton’s vast internal resources, and the all-important financial backing. Chosen teams will also gain valuable insights into Indian and global markets, courtesy of Krafton’s extensive data and market research.
  • In Charge: Spearheaded by former Gameloft and Electronic Arts producer Anuj Sahani, KIGI outshines similar programs by not limiting teams to a specific gaming engine or platform. Your aspirations can be as diverse as mobile, PC, or console gaming. However, building real money gaming (RMG) or gambling content won’t fly here.
  • Post-graduation: Teams are free to seek institutional investors for financing, or Krafton may decide to further invest from their $150M pledge for the Indian market.
  • Money Invested: To date, Krafton has already invested approximately $140M in 11 Indian startups and the domestic ecosystem in the past three years, with an additional $50M in the gaming sector.
  • Additionally: Krafton isn’t just generously disbursing funds and mentorship. They are also scouting potential startups and teams to incorporate into their empire. Through the incubator program, developers will have the freedom to explore various genres and develop a plethora of games.

Considering that India’s video game revenue across all platforms is set to grow by 21.2% YoY to $868M in 2023, and with a staggering 97% of Indian gamers playing on smartphones or tablets, Krafton’s initiative is well timed. The number of gamers is predicted to surge by 12.1% YoY to 444 million in 2023, underscoring the company’s eagerness to nurture local talent.

The incubator program will be held virtually, complete with webinars and community events aplenty.

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