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Meet ARCHAX, the mechanical marvel crafted by the innovative start-up Tsubame Industries, located in the heart of Tokyo. Towering at 4.5 meters, this robot draws its aesthetic cues from the Japanese animated series “Mobile Suit Gundam”. And the best part? For $3M, you can control this giant yourself!

  • Uniqueness: ARCHAX isn’t your typical robot. Imagine a metallic titan wired with cameras, transmitting live feed to the cockpit displays. The pilot, seated within the torso, has a panoramic view and can manipulate the robot’s limbs using joysticks.
  • Debut: The robot will be unveiled at the Japan Mobility Show making a grand entrance with its impressive 3.5-ton weight.
  • Abilities: Don’t let its size fool you – ARCHAX blends strength and agility. It can switch between an upright ‘robot mode’ and a ‘vehicle mode’, reaching speeds of up to 10 km/h.
  • History: The man behind ARCHAX is Ryo Yoshida, the 25-year-old CEO of Tsubame Industries. Yoshida’s vision was to merge Japan’s strengths in animation, gaming, robotics, and automobiles into one unprecedented creation. His ambition isn’t confined to creating robots; he’s making a cultural statement: “This is Japan.”
  • Goals: Yoshida aims to construct and sell five units of these mechanical wonders to discerning enthusiasts. But his vision extends even further, foreseeing a future where robots like ARCHAX serve in disaster relief and space exploration.

Having gained experience in his grandfather’s ironworks and later founding a firm that manufactures myoelectric prosthetic hands, Yoshida is no newcomer to the manufacturing industry. His vision? To ensure that Japan’s manufacturing prowess remains at the forefront.

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