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Gojek recently launched their new transportation service, GoRide Transit. It combines multiple transport methods into a single, seamless transaction, setting a new standard in urban commuting.

  • Multimodal Experience: With GoRide Transit, your journey becomes as efficient as possible. This fully integrated solution, accessible via the Gojek app, simplifies public transport and acts as your personal travel assistant.
  • Key Benefits: Research from Gadjah Mada University suggests GoRide Transit could save users up to 27% per trip and reduce travel times by 15%.
  • Convenience: The service enables end-to-end booking in a single transaction and offers multiple cashless payment options. It also provides travel time estimates, route recommendations, and how-to guides.
  • Environmental Contribution: Additional studies from Gadjah Mada University reveal a 38.3% increase in public interest in using public transport since Gojek introduced its multimodal trip planner in 2022. This shift has led to a reduction in emissions from private vehicles by up to 5,057 tonnes in the same year.
  • Anticipated Achievement: GoTo Group aims to achieve a positive quarterly adjusted EBITDA by the end of Q4 2023. They have posted a net revenue of $232M in Q2 of 2023, which stands at an 87% increase from last year’s same period.

With their impressive evolution from a courier and motorcycle ride-hailing service in 2010 to offering a vast range of services with over 2.7 million driver partners today, Gojek continues to push boundaries. With GoRide Transit, they’re reshaping the future of urban travel.

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