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Attention, tech aficionados! ChatGPT, has expanded its capabilities beyond mere conversation. The latest exciting news is that it now explores the boundless internet! This was announced by OpenAI (sponsored by none other than Microsoft) on Twitter, now X.

Below are the key highlights of this development:

  • Web-Surfing Feature: This isn’t merely a novelty, but a significant upgrade. It broadens ChatGPT’s data access post-September 2021. Now, websites have a say in their interaction with ChatGPT, making the experience more interactive and tailored.
  • Availability: If you’re a Plus or Enterprise user, rejoice! You’re prioritized for this feature. However, the rest of us will be accommodated soon. To jump in, just choose “Browse with Bing” under GPT-4.
  • Voice and Image Interaction: OpenAI’s diligent work has yielded another major feature – ChatGPT can now verbally communicate! Poised to compete with Siri, it can now engage in voice conversations and interact with images.

Despite discontinuing the “Bing access” feature due to ‘paywall bypass’ issues, ChatGPT emerged as a fast-growing consumer app, amassing 100 million active users in January alone.

Though Meta’s Threads app subsequently grabbed the limelight, ChatGPT’s exponential growth hasn’t gone unnoticed by investors. Speculation suggests OpenAI might sell existing shares at a substantially higher valuation.

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