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Introducing Senser, an innovative AIOps platform that utilizes machine learning to combat outages and service degradations. This promising start-up, nestled in the tech-centric city of Tel Aviv, has recently unstealthed with an outstanding seed funding of $9.5M. The round was led by Eclipse, with notable support from Amdocs and private investors.

  • Senser employs cutting-edge eBPF technology to monitor a company’s entire infrastructure. This powerful tech is embedded in the Linux kernel, enabling it to effortlessly scrutinize all application and networking traffic.
  • Senser’s competitive edge lies in its AI capabilities, distinguishing it in a rapidly saturating market.
  • As Senser’s co-founder and CEO, Amir Krayden suggests, gathering data is straightforward, but contextualizing it is where the real battle lies. Senser excels in this aspect – analyzing data and assisting DevOps and site reliability teams in unveiling hidden insights.
  • Transcending traditional dashboards, Senser provides a panoramic view of a company’s infrastructure—whether it’s on-premises virtual machines, cloud-based services, Kubernetes clusters, microservices—focusing primarily on production environments.
  • Senser’s origins lie in a friendship between Amir KraydenYuval Lev, and Or Sadeh. After serving in the Israel Defense Forces and a stint at DriveNets, a networking company, they decided to venture on their own.
  • Senser’s aim? To reduce alert fatigue and streamline operations teams’ workflows. Senser’s alerts come with a clear explanation of the issue, its significance, and a trace of how the conclusion was reached.
  • Lior Susan, founding partner of Eclipse, praises Senser for its unique problem-solving approach, particularly with Industrial 4.0 apps and drone-based mapping applications.

Senser is currently in expansion mode, with a focus on recruitment for marketing roles in the U.S. As per Krayden, a compelling product story and its global projection are as crucial as the product itself.

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