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The reality for many businesses is that they manage dozens of vendor relationships concurrently. And it’s costing them thousands annually on SaaS tools. Thanks to Brexton Pham, Daniel Lai, and Tamby Kojak, the tides are set to change. These three have launched Series, a platform designed to streamline and centralize business operations.

  • What Series offers: (1) Centralization and automation of finance and operation stacks for businesses. (2) Process streamlining, allowing businesses to focus on core functions rather than chores. (3) Modular design, offering businesses the flexibility to choose what they need.
  • Goals: Series is designed to challenge the norms of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Unlike traditional ERP systems, which are inflexible and expensive, Series functions like a ‘build-your-own-burger’ joint, where businesses pick and choose tools tailored to their needs.
  • Key Features: Payroll and benefits orchestration, contract lifecycle management, B2B payments, and treasury management. All these tools function on a unified infrastructure, which means one key can open all doors. Additionally, businesses can integrate their existing vendors or financial institutions into the Series platform.
  • Uniqueness: Unlike conventional ERP systems with lengthy setup processes, Series promises a smooth onboarding journey. It’s flexible, enabling businesses to add or remove tools as needed. The Series team is now working on getting these tools to communicate with each other and automate routine tasks.

While the exact revenue figures remain undisclosed, hundreds of customers, ranging from asset managers to SMEs, are already utilizing Series.

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