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EdenFarm, an agritech startup originating from Indonesia, is undergoing a significant internal restructuring.

  • A Major Pivot: EdenFarm is pivoting away from its original business model, setting its sights on its newly launched seasoning brand, TuangTuang, which made its debut in September. The intention behind the transition, as stated by Tyara Putri, EdenFarm’s corporate communications manager, is to ensure long-term profitability and sustainability.
  • The Aftermath of Restructuring: This strategic shift resulted in the letting go of roughly 300 employees, affecting various operational regions.
  • The Underlying Logic: EdenFarm’s refocus is geographically targeted, concentrating primarily on the Greater Jakarta area. This shift has led to shuttering distribution operations in regions outside Greater Jakarta. The resources previously allocated to these operations will now be redirected to bolster TuangTuang’s expansion throughout Indonesia.
  • The Impact: While this strategic change could potentially boost EdenFarm’s profitability, it unfortunately leads to job losses and facility closures in regions that are no longer aligned with the company’s updated focus.
  • What’s Next: EdenFarm reassures its B2B customers that it will continue its services in the Greater Jakarta region, catering to hotels, cafes, culinary SMEs, traditional market sellers, and more.
  • A Look at the Founders & Funding: EdenFarm was established in 2017 by David Setyadi GunawanRamavito Mountaino, and Febrianto Gamal. The startup holds a relationship with over 5,000 farmers and serves more than 50,000 B2B customers. The startup has secured $34.5M in funding, including $13.5M from a pre-Series B round led by Telkomsel’s investment arm, TMI Ventures.

The fresh produce sector comes with its share of challenges, made even more complex by Indonesia’s unique geographic and climatic conditions. Other startups, such as Sayurbox and Bananas, have also had to recalibrate their strategies to remain competitive.

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