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Meet Nx, the newest addition to the tech industry, which aims to streamline software development processes. They recently secured a solid $16M Series A funding round led by Nexus Venture Partners and a16z.

  • Ease of Process: Say goodbye to your current continuous integration tools. Nx and Nx Cloud offer a seamless way to manage your projects in your very own cloud, breaking free from the limitations of isolated development.
  • Remote Work Simplified: In light of teams transitioning to remote work due to the pandemic, Nx stands out by obliterating the difficulties of dispersed development. Embrace the concept of evergreen ‘monorepos’ and bid farewell to any confusion.
  • The Brain Behind Nx: Jeff Cross, a former member of Google’s Angular team and co-founder of Nx, identified the need for simpler tools in the industry. Together with Victor Savkin, armed with their Angular prowess, they brought Nx into existence.
  • Language-Agnostic Powers: Nx has the ability to build in the JavaScript ecosystem or beyond. It gives you the liberty to create private or open-source plugins specific to various languages or frameworks.
  • Monorepos – Boon and Bane: Monorepos facilitate easy collaboration and reuse, but they do possess their share of challenges such as increased default storage and a lack of per-project access control.

With a 37-person team, hundreds of subscribers, and over 15 million monthly installs of the open-source Nx project, Nx is a fast-growing company struggling to meet its booming enterprise deals.

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