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Falcomm, a startup from Atlanta, is on a mission to supercharge power amplifiers, making them remarkably energy-efficient. What are power amplifiers? It ensures the signal transmission through the antenna, growing exponentially as app energy demands surge.

  • Background: Consider the power amplifier as your phone’s exclusive gatekeeper; it determines which signals can trespass the antenna’s boundary. Ever noticed those signal bars on your smartphone? That’s your power amplifier diligently at work. Simply put, a superior power amplifier equals better signal. But their domain isn’t confined to phones; they’re crucial in satellites, Wi-Fi networks, and a multitude of IoT devices.
  • How does Falcomm work: Falcomm harnesses the full potential of transistors, the semiconductor stalwarts, to transmit signals at all terminals concurrently. This cuts down the transistor’s ‘knee voltage’, the energy required to kickstart it, allowing Falcomm’s power amplifiers to hit efficiency levels over 50% at 28 GHz, a leap ahead of competitors lagging at 25-35%.
  • In Comparison: They’re targeting satellite companies, wireless infrastructure manufacturers, and Wi-Fi OEMs in a $23 billion market. Success could mean claiming a chunk of this significant pie.
  • How does Falcomm operate: Falcomm is a fabless chip company, outsourcing manufacturing while focusing on design. Potential business models could involve direct chip sales or tech licensing to manufacturers.
  • Financers: Falcomm has announced a term sheet with Squadra Ventures, set to close a $4M round on September 22.

The fresh funding will be utilized predominantly for hiring. Despite the challenge of finding the right talent, CEO Edgar Garay is optimistic about attracting professionals keen on challenging the status quo.

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