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Moxi, the robotic assistant from Diligent, stepped up when COVID-19 first struck in 2020 and resumed its heroic actions during the 2021 surge. It has been assisting in reducing the strenuous workload for healthcare workers.

Diligent’s CEO, Andrea Thomaz, emphasizes, “Moxi seamlessly integrated into the healthcare setting and proved invaluable to its human colleagues.”

  • Moxi? Post the initial pandemic wave, the demand for Moxi skyrocketed especially in hospitals dealing with staff shortages and burnout. By year-end, we anticipate seeing over 100 Moxi units serving in 22 U.S. hospital systems.
  • What do they do? Moxi units have been busy delivering supplies, navigating elevators, and overall making life easier for hospital staff.
  • What next? Diligent is prepared for expansion with a recent $25M investment, planning to triple its reach across the U.S. The expansion isn’t limited to new healthcare systems; existing clients are also requesting additional Moxi units.
  • Who’s involved? The recent funding was led by Canaan with participation from True Ventures, DNX Ventures, Next Coast and Northwestern Medicine Innovation.
  • What else? Looking forward, Thomaz envisions Diligent as more than a robotics company; they aim to be robotics experts, enhancing workflows for people. The company plans to implement new hardware solutions, integrate with electronic medical records, and introduce smart applications to improve hospital care models.
  • What’s new? On the cusp of a technological revolution, Diligent is exploring generative AI and natural language controls. They’ve already been leveraging advanced AI in their perception pipeline, indicating a future filled with promising advancements.

In summary, while it’s still early days, Diligent and Moxi are providing great value to the healthcare sector with robotic assistance in these challenging times.

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