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Pryon recently raised $100M in funding, notably led by Thomas Tull’s U.S. Innovative Technology Fund.

Pryon is the brainchild of Igor Jablokov, a previous AI research head at IBM. Unlike a voice assistant, Pryon is capable of consuming data from diverse sources and regurgitating it in a usable, searchable format.

So, what’s next for Pryon? Here’s a rundown of their plans:

  • Scaling up for growth: Pryon is poised for rapid expansion and they plan to augment their existing team of 100 experts.
  • Global Reach: Pryon is setting sights on international markets and looking to collaborate for broader impact.
  • Assets: This influx of funding boosts Pryon’s total raised capital to $137M, positioning its worth somewhere between $500M and $750M.
  • Selling Point: Pryon, according to Jablokov, is up to 2x more accurate than Amazon’s AI service, Kendra, and can process data up to 10x faster. It can also index billions of documents, surpassing Kendra’s 100,000-document limit.
  • Other Features: Pryon seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, eliminating the need for content migration or retraining. It understands legacy content using computer vision and handwriting recognition, ensuring data safety and easy content updating or deletion.

Despite competition from giants like Kendra, Microsoft SharePoint Syntex, and emerging startups, Pryon confidently holds its ground with a seven-figure annual recurring revenue and a roster of tech giants (including Dell, Nvidia, and Westinghouse) as clients.

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