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Navigating the journey from farm to table, ensuring safety and traceability of our food is known as traceabilityIt not only secures our health but also establishes a prosperous business niche. The global traceability market is booming, with a rise from $16.8B three years ago to an estimated $26.1B by 2025.

Koltiva is an Indonesian company that has carved a niche in the industry by overseeing the food supply from farm to consumer.

  • Uniqueness: Koltiva offers a vast array of services that include farmer profiling and plot mapping, climate-smart farm support, risk alerts, and access to training and guidance from industry experts.
  • For Nature: Koltiva is also contributing to the fight against climate change by devising products that assist in evaluating greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Investors: In a recent funding round, Koltiva garnered support from AC Ventures, Silverstrand Capital, Planet Rise, Development Finance Asia, Blue7, and The Meloy Fund, raising an undisclosed investment sum.
  • End Game: Koltiva’s vision is to empower both small-scale producers in Indonesia and large multinational companies to trace their food supply effectively. With stringent regulations such as the European Union’s new deforestation regulation, the company’s comprehensive seed-to-table traceability is increasingly crucial.
  • Notes from the CEO: Koltiva’s CEO and co-founder, Manfred Borer, believes this empowers companies to adapt to the evolving regulatory and sustainable practices landscape, thereby improving smallholder producers’ livelihoods.

Since its inception in 2013, Koltiva has expanded its footprint to 52 countries, serving around 40,000 monthly active producers and business users, and registering over 1 million producers.

Their recent funding round attracted repeat investors, with firms like Silverstrand Capital and The Meloy Fund backing the agritech firm once more.

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