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Say hello to Superorder who has successfully secured $10M in a Series A and angel funding round! Picture this: a platform partnering with over 1,500 restaurants in more than 180 cities, providing these culinary havens with tools to increase their delivery and takeout revenues.

  • Who’s Got Their Back: The funding round was spearheaded by Foundation Capital, with significant investments from a host of leading industry figures. This includes Y Combinator, Cruise, MagicMind, and I2BF Global Ventures, among others.
  • The Problem: Amid the digital age, many delightful local eateries, despite their delectable cuisines, were missing the online bandwagon. With 77% of customers scouting a restaurant’s website before making a decision, staying offline spelled a massive lost opportunity.
  • Consolidated Needs: Superorder aims to revamp restaurants digitally, offering an all-encompassing solution for going online – be it website creation, menu uploads, or order management tools.
  • AI-Driven Opportunities: Superorder’s proprietary AI algorithms detect the untapped needs in their market, helping restaurants generate maximum revenue and profit. It amalgamates all orders from every platform into a single system to save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency.
  • Brand-new Launches: With the delivery market expanding gigantically, Superorder has a slew of new tools to help restaurants tap into this trend like an AI-powered website builder.

Superorder, founded by Raghav Poddar in 2019, has a team of 70+ professionals and a total funding of $12.5M.

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