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Mecho Autotech has ventured into the market with an innovative offering of spare parts along with repair and maintenance services, earning $2.4M in pre-Series A funding.

  • Problem Identification: Nigeria houses an overwhelming 90% of the country’s 12 million-plus registered vehicles, the majority of which are second-hand and require regular upkeep. However, the available repair options – high-quality yet expensive OEM mechanics or affordable but low-quality aftermarket and roadside mechanics – fall short of meeting the need effectively.
  • The Solution – Mecho Autotech: Since its inception in 2021, Mecho Autotech has successfully handled over 6,000 car repairs and maintenance for both individuals and businesses, leveraging its network of 110 approved workshops.
  • Challenges: The quest for quality replacement parts has been a hurdle, but CEO Olusegun Owoade has a strategy in place.
  • The Future: With the newly secured funds, Mecho Autotech plans to expand its after-sales spare parts value chain, with ambitions to become a leading wholesale distributor.
  • Wholesale Distribution: The Nigerian automotive aftermarket spare parts and maintenance business is a massive $8B industry. The company aims to address the fragmented supply chain and offer organized, effective solutions.
  • Partnership: Mecho Autotech has teamed up with Tokyo-based Global Brain Corporation to import and distribute aftermarket spare parts.
  • Tech Innovations: Aiming for a Q4 2023 launch, Mecho Autotech’s upcoming app promises to resolve inventory finance issues and provide spare parts to workshops and vendors.
  • Data Collection: The app will also serve as a valuable tool for gathering data on spare parts demand to better gauge market supply.

In collaboration with banks, Mecho Autotech offers up to ₦10 million (~$10,380) in financing to supply chain stakeholders.

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