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KBank launches KXVC fund fueled with $100M for all the global startup enthusiasts in AI, Deep Tech, and Web3 fintech striving to make a mark in the APAC region.

  • In the Lead: KXVC is spearheaded by KBTG Group Chairman Krating Poonpol, who brings to the table an impressive portfolio of over 100 investments, 4 unicorns, and 10 exits across five funds. With him is KXVC Managing Director Jom Vimolnoht.
  • The Objective: KXVC aspires to invest in more than 30 startups and funds globally, with its reach stretching from the US, EU, and Israel to APAC.
  • The Strategy: KXVC’s approach goes beyond just financially supporting startups. It is about forming strategic alliances and facilitating growth in the APAC region.
  • KXVC Interests: This includes consumer-focused AI, cybersecurity, AI/ML tools, and problem-specific AI startups. Other areas of focus include Web3 infrastructures, nodes validators, RPC providers, middleware, modularity technologies, privacy, ZKP, wallets, alternative L1/L2s, shared securities, LsdFi, and consumerisation of NFTs.

KXVC has already partnered with startups and funds that include MagicLink, Transak, 1KX, Hashkey Capital, Symbolic Capital, L2 Iterative Ventures, Instari Ventures, and

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