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Globalstar, the satellite network operator backed by Apple, has pulled out its pen and inked a deal with SpaceX. For a cool $64M, it’s all set to launch at least 17 new satellites into the low Earth orbit in 2025.

  • The fresh batch of satellites will add to Globalstar’s existing constellation, making the night sky a little more crowded.
  • Last February, Globalstar signed a $327M deal with MDA for the satellites. Rocket Lab provided the spacecraft chassis.
  • Apple is covering a whopping 95% of the costs for the satellites, including the launch fees. As part of the deal, Apple gets to use 85% of Globalstar’s network capacity. The aim? To provide emergency satellite connectivity for iPhones when they’re out of cellular network reach. Clever, right?

It’s also worth noting that SpaceX has its own “sat-to-cell” plans through its Starlink satellite constellation. This puts it in a somewhat awkward position, as both a supplier to and a competitor with Globalstar.

Stay tuned to see how everything unfolds!

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