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Open Cosmos, a UK-based startup, co-founded by a team of three aerospace engineers (Rafel Joda SiquierJordi Barrera Ars, and Aleix Megiar Homar) in Spain, is launching sustainable low-earth orbit satellites designed to disintegrate and leave no debris as they re-enter our atmosphere. They have recently attracted $50M in funding.

  • Unified Platform: Open Cosmos has developed a unique platform that enables multiple organizations to utilize single or multiple satellites, typically in a constellation.
  • Shared Resources: This platform not only provides satellite access but also allows organizations, if they desire, to share the data they collect with each other. By pooling resources and sharing data, Open Cosmos is breaking down barriers to entry and democratizing the use of satellite technology.
  • Partners: Open Cosmos has partnered with industry giants like Amazon (specifically AWS), RHEA Group, and Lacuna Space.
  • Financers: Backers include ETF Partners, Trill Impact, and A&G. Other investors include Accenture Ventures, Banco Santander/InnoEnergy Climate Tech Fund, IREON, Wille Finance, and Claret Capital Partners.
  • Climate Action: The satellite industry might seem like a high-stakes gamble, but it’s gaining traction. Especially when you consider the climate and agricultural applications that Open Cosmos is focusing on. They’re aiding in monitoring a remarkable 54 different climate variables, disaster relief efforts, and combatting unlawful deforestation projects.

Open Cosmos estimates that the burgeoning demand for earth orbit data will reach an astronomical $11.3B by 2031.

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