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Indonesian startup Manuva, a key player in providing ready-made, custom and semi-branded packaging to small and mid-sized manufacturers, has raised $8 million in a recent funding round.

  • Investors: The majority investment of $3 million was made by Singapore-based VC firm, Tin Men Capital, with the remaining funds contributed by anonymous investors.
  • Expansion Plan: Fueled by this new funding, Manuva intends to expand its services across Indonesia, targeting Java, Bali, Sumatra, and other significant cities. Further, the startup aims to innovate by bringing biodegradable packaging into its product line and venturing into the semi-branded goods sector.
  • Company Background: Manuva (originally Tjetak) was established in 2018 by Anggara PranaspatiRaffisal Damanhuri, and Hasandi Patriawan. They offer a variety of packaging options to merchants and online sellers, ranging from cardboard and snack boxes to paper bags and plastic cups.
  • Partnerships and Products: With over 100 manufacturing partners, Manuva produces more than 300 packaging SKU’s through its six private label brands, catering to over 7,000 retailers and 100 enterprise clients.
  • Digitization Tools: Manuva provides modern digitization tools to their ecosystem, promoting improvements in logistics, procurement, inventory, and sales processes.
  • Previous Funding: Prior to this round, Manuva secured undisclosed sums in a Series A round led by Vertex Ventures and a seed funding round from angel investors.
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