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A new, innovative startup is making waves in the world of autonomous trucking. The brain trust behind this effort includes Bryan SaleskyPeter Rander, and Brett Browning, former founders of Argo AI, a previous autonomous vehicle project backed by powerhouses like Ford and VW.

Their new endeavor, Stack AV, is fixated on one goal: to bring self-driving trucks to the commercial market.

  • Who’s Got Their Back: Stack AV’s financial support comes from SoftBank Group as they’ve reportedly managed to secure a $1B investment. Although, Softbank did not disclose the financial terms of the investment.
  • Comeback Story: This is a notable resurgence for the Argo AI trio, whose project ended abruptly less than a year ago when Ford and VW pulled their support. Argo AI was way ahead in the race just last year, but its abrupt closure signaled a change in direction in the automotive industry towards advanced driver-assistance systems. Now, the trio is charging back into the autonomous vehicle sphere, with Salesky donning the CEO cap.
  • Their Belief: Scalability is the magic key. The company is off to a robust start with 150 team members dispersed across their headquarters in Pittsburgh and 15 states.
  • Hiring & Road-Testing: They’re expanding their team and conducting road tests, with safety operators present in each truck for the time being.
  • Data Gathering: Stack AV is harnessing the information collected during these tests to refine their technology.

The terrain for self-driving truck companies is undeniably challenging, evidenced by recent closures in the sector. Still, Salesky and his team, fortified by SoftBank Group, are undeterred.

They firmly believe that AI is set to overhaul our world, revolutionizing industries, birthing new sectors, and propelling humanity into a brighter tomorrow.

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