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Let’s chat about Arduino—famous for serving hobbyists with microcontrollers to tinker with. But hold your soldering irons, because Arduino is stretching its ambitions far beyond the hobbyist’s workbench.

Just last year, Arduino proclaimed its entry into enterprise applications with the grand unveiling of Arduino Pro.

  • What’s the big idea? They’re paving the way for their dedicated community of hobbyists to slide seamlessly into the professional world. Arduino is aiming to support production for runs of less than 100,000 units. Cue the confetti, because this move came with an impressive $32M Series B funding round.
  • Additional Funding: Arduino recently revealed an additional $22M extension to that round, championed by CDP Venture Capital and Anzu Partners.
  • Jolt To The System: Enterprises and hobbyists have vastly different expectations and Arduino is well aware of this by focusing on providing technology to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
  • Roads Lead Where? Arduino is pumping it into R&D and go-to-work strategies, along with expanding their presence in the U.S and Europe (including their homeland, Italy, where most of their manufacturing happens). They’ve recently set up shop in Austin and Chicago.
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