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Once upon a time in the land of IT, there sprung a startup named Josys from CEO Yasukane Matsumoto. With a heart full of binary code, Josys set out on a mission to streamline corporate IT software application management. Josys recently landed a whopping $93M in a Series B funding round, courtesy of Global Brain and Globis Capital Partners. This brings their total treasure chest to an impressive $125M! 💻

  • The Origin Story: Josys was born from parent company, Raksul, in 2021. They quickly set their sights on helping small to medium enterprises manage their IT needs.
  • The Growth Spurt: From 90 customers in August 2022 to 300 now, Josys is growing fast! Their net revenue retention rate is 140%, and their customer acquisition cost pays back within one year.
  • The Services: They offer SaaS management and handle the entire IT device life cycle – purchasing, configuration, shipping, repairing, and storing laptops and mobile devices. Ideal for globe-trotting companies.
  • The Expansion: After its Series A round, Josys added functionalities like Shadow IT discovery and real-time asset tracking. Josys has spread its wings far and wide, operating in the U.S and numerous Asian countries. They aim to serve over 100 countries by 2025.
  • The Future: With the fresh capital, Josys plans to double its product and engineering team and boost its distribution channels. Currently, the company has 120 employees and they aim to raise that number to 240 by year-end.

Their services are in high demand in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of hybrid work, and they’ve already lured big names like Sony, Panasonic, Rakuten, and SoftBank into their customer base.

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