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Unconventional Ventures (UV), started as a nano-fund in 2018, by Thea Messel and Nora Bavey is shaking things up in the otherwise male-dominated landscape.

They’re not only committed to diversity in their own team, but that principle also drives their investment thesis.

UV’s exciting portfolio spans healthtech, femtech, diversity tech, sustainable fashion, fintech and foodtech.

With over half of their targeted €30 million fund already closed, UV’s mission is to invest solely in impact tech companies, with diverse founding teams at the helm.

They’ve got some heavyweight backers too, like venture capital titan Atomico!

Now let’s dive into UV’s investments:

  • Climate X (UK): A climate analytics startup that’s raised a whopping €10.65M.
  • Ocean Oasis (Norway): They’re into sustainable desalination using wave energy. Say hello to more freshwater produced the eco-friendly way!
  • SciFree (Sweden): They’re offering open access to research for universities, paving the way for greater transparency and innovation.
  • Meela Health (SWE): It’s a matchmaking tool for therapists and clients, primarily targeting women, and drastically reducing drop-offs.

Other new kids on the block include FJONG, Leia Health, Equality Check, and DORA. They’re tackling everything from circular fashion to greener freight transport.

UV’s portfolio brags of 75% all-female founded teams, and over 25% have an ethnic minority founder or co-founder. They’re also doing their bit for the planet, with 67% of their portfolio focused on battling climate change.

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