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Bladder health is not exactly the topic of conversation for a Friday night out with friends, which is probably why the startup scene in this area is as sparse as a desert. Enter Jude, founded by Peony Li, the startup that just secured a $4.24M seed round to expand to the US, bringing her London-based bladder health startup across the pond.

  • Women’s Health: Jude’s primary focus is on women’s health, a realm that’s had less attention in the past. According to Peony, women are more likely to discuss health issues, particularly those as personal as this one.
  • Demographic: Other femtech startups have gravitated towards issues affecting younger women. In contrast, Jude, with its laser focus on bladder health, is making middle-aged women its core demographic.
  • What Do They Offer: The startup offers a bladder strength supplement, made with all-natural ingredients like pumpkin seed extract and soygerm extract, that reduces leaks by 79%. They also provide absorbent pants, liners, and pads, and a support hotline offering free advice from trained specialists. A digital consultation service is on the horizon, set to launch early next year, promising to further bolster its offerings.
  • Who’s Got Their Back: Leading the seed round are Eka VC and Joyance, with contributions from June Angelides at Samos VC and Dr. Fiona Pathiraja of Crista Galli Ventures. Jude also received a grant from Innovate UK.

With an expected 4x growth in UK usage in the next twelve months and a US launch in sight, Jude is set to reach around 100,000 customers next year. The startup is also keen to support advanced research in areas such as nutrition and bladder health. Jude’s data for research could be attractive for health insurance companies, providing a potential avenue for reaching customers at scale.

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