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Meet Otto, previously known as TeleVet, who’s on a mission to revolutionize the way we care for our furry friends.

  1. The Otto Superpowers: Otto is a veterinary software that transforms the way clinics function, from streamlining everyday tasks like scheduling, after-hours triage, payments, and digital prescription refills to integrating with platforms vets are already using like Cornerstone, Neo, and AVImark. Otto frees up to eight hours each week for veterinary teams.
  2. The Woman Behind the Mask: Enter Zeynep Young, CEO of Otto, who took over the reins from co-founder Steven Carter in December 2022. Amid an escalating pet population and declining veterinary clinics due to burnout, Young advocates that technology is the potent antidote to this problematic scenario.
  3. Otto’s Running Score: Otto’s customer base rocketed by 600% to over 8,000 new veterinary clinics and hospitals, while appointment no-shows halved and call volume reduced by 70%. Otto also rolled out new features, including a communication platform, Flow, that includes a payments tool, and Care membership plans.
  4. The Otto Evolution: Otto secured $43M in Series B from Mercury Fund, the investor that led Otto’s initial $5M Series A round back in December 2022. Mercury is joined by existing investor Boehringer Ingelheim and new investor Hill’s Pet Nutrition. With a whopping $48M venture-backed funding, Otto is on track to achieve break-even by the end of 2025.

So there you have it! Otto – making veterinary clinics a less “ruff” place one feature at a time.

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