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Hold on to your hats, folks! QuantHealth, the startup that’s turning clinical trial design on its head with AI, has just received a whopping $15M Series A funding boost. The round was co-led by Bertelsmann Investments and Pitango HealthTech, with existing investors Shoni Top Ventures and Nina Capital also chipping in. What’s more, they’ve raised a total of $20M so far.

  • Fact For You: Over 90% of drugs that undergo clinical trials stumble at the finish line. That’s a staggering $50B down the drain each year. This often occurs when there is a void in the essential research, but fear not! QuantHealth is here to bridge those gaps and fill the missing pieces. They simulate trials at scale to speed up, risk-manage, and optimize drug development.
  • What’s The Secret: A proprietary AI tech powered by a colossal dataset of 350 million patients, large biomedical knowledge graphs, and clinical trial data that can predict trial outcomes with an 86% accuracy.
  • What’s Next: On the heels of this funding round, QuantHealth announced its expansion into U.S. markets and a series of executive appointments. QuantHealth is poised to leverage this investment to its fullest potential by funding plans for commercial expansion, product development, and platform expansion beyond the realm of clinical trials.
  • Who’s New: In June, QuantHealth brought on executives like David Dornstreich as CCO and Arnon Horev as chief strategy and operations officer. With 25 talented minds in Israel and the U.S., they’re on a mission to grow to 40 by next year.

So there you have it folks, a crash course on QuantHealth. Watch out because they are on the rise!

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