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Praso, a Brazilian startup offering a distribution platform for small retailers, recently raised $9.3M in a Series A funding round. The funding will fuel its mission to streamline the distribution process for small-scale retailers in Latin America, which traditionally involves managing numerous wholesale relationships.

  • Floki Takeover: Praso not only secured financial backing but also snatched up the brainpower of Floki, a company behind automating purchases for small bars and restaurants. Details remain undisclosed.
  • Retail Rumble: Born in 2021, Praso stepped up to tackle the retail sector’s B2B tech gap. While e-commerce booms in Latin America, small retailers still grapple with old-school offline and manual distribution methods. Time for a digital makeover, anyone?
  • B2B Focus: Praso’s co-founders Samuel CarvalhoFernando Bilfinger, and Rodrigo Castellari spotted a juicy opportunity to digitize the B2B sector. The company cleverly connects large foodservice manufacturers with small retailers, like bars, restaurants, cafes, and bakeries, using a data-driven approach.
  • Competitive Edge: Its headquarters in Recife, home to 50 million people and 500,000 potential merchant customers, is a goldmine waiting to be explored.
  • Who’s Got Your Back: Valor Capital Group and NFX teamed up to rock the Series A funding round of Praso, along with Base Partners, Formus Capital, Iporanga Ventures, and Endeavor Scale-Up. With this round, Praso has raised a total of $14.5M in funding.
  • Significant Growth: In just the past year, Praso has experienced a seven-fold increase in revenue, and they’re not stopping there. They’re predicting another three-fold growth by year-end, taking the business to new heights.

Praso is revolutionizing the B2B sector in Latin America’s retail industry. By layering services focused on food service and small businesses, the company anticipates building a significant business.

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