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Behold! Google is taking its magical AI search wizardry to foreign lands, expanding its horizons beyond the U.S., and making an entrance in India and Japan. This AI-driven search feature, known as SGE (Search Generative Experience), is all set to make its debut via Google’s Search Labs, charming users with its ability to conjure up information at a moment’s notice.

  • So, what’s new?: Unveiled first at Google’s I/O Developer conference, SGE is like a chatty AI wizard where you can ask questions and voila! It serves you answers. Over time, it has learned to support videos, images, local info, travel recommendations, and even aid with coding-related queries.
  • Cultural adaptations: With this grand global expansion, SGE is also learning new languages! In Japan, it will converse in the local tongue, and in India, it will switch between English and Hindi at the flick of a toggle. It even supports voice input for those who prefer talking than typing.
  • Discover the source: SGE has added a new feature to guide users to the original web pages from where the AI drew its answers. Just click on the new arrow icon next to the AI’s response and embark on your knowledge quest.
  • How to access?: Simply venture into the Search Labs section of the Google app on Android, iOS, or on Chrome on your desktop.

So remember, the next time you’re lost in the sea of information, fear not! The SGE is here to guide your way.

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