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SatSure, an India-based spacetech firm, has successfully rocketed its Series A funding round, managing to secure a whopping $15 million. The round was led by Baring Private Equity Partners (BPEP) India and Promus Ventures.

  • Total funding: A cool $15,000,000
  • Lead investors: BPEP India, Promus Ventures
  • Other investors: Omidyar Network, Xto10x, Force Ventures, Luckbox Ventures, IndigoEdge Advisors
  • Stage: Series A

So, what does SatSure plan to do in their “one small step for a startup, one giant leap for spacetech” moment? They’re setting their sights on launching four high-resolution optical and multispectral satellites by 2025.

SatSure, taking root in 2017, is all about beaming down space insights using a blend of satellite imagery and AI. The company serves an array of sectors spanning agriculture, climate, and infrastructure, and even helps the finance industry by furnishing them with data insights.

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