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Mark your calendars for Demo Day! 

Join Founders Launchpad in collaboration with AHG Lab and Draper Startup House on Sept. 06, 2023, from 4:00PM onwards at Six/NEO, BGC as they present an electrifying showcase of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Founders Launchpad is a one-of-a-kind incubator. It’s a game-changing opportunity that empowers founders to transform their ideas into reality within a mere 12 weeks. Get ready to launch your dreams!

Demo Day is the pinnacle event where visionary founders unveil their groundbreaking products and solutions to a select audience of venture capitalists, angel investors, industry leaders, and media. It’s a high-energy extravaganza that promises to captivate, inspire, and leave you in awe! 

Here are some of the stellar startups that will be pitching on Demo Day:

  • Itemcount: Empowering businesses with a cloud-based inventory and sales management system, backed by an AI assistant. Get ready to operate efficiently and make informed decisions. Founded by Joselie (JC) Castaneda.
  • Kippap: Revolutionizing exam preparation with top-notch video lectures. Say goodbye to traditional methods and embrace a new way of studying. Founded by Victor Villafuerte, Emmanuel Perez, and Therese Sandoval.
  • MedsGo: Your go-to omnichannel pharmacy marketplace offering a comprehensive catalog and lightning-fast 2-hour delivery. Say hello to hassle-free purchasing. Founded by Alex Goryainov and Yulia Kachalina.
  • Rezbin: Leading the charge in plastic waste management with cutting-edge technology. Get ready to witness a revolution in the recovery process. Founded by Mari Martirez and Monica Martirez.
  • Safe: Ensuring secure transactions and building trust in the Filipino and SEA e-commerce ecosystem with a fintech escrow service. Join us in shaping the future of online transactions. Founded by Alfred Cardenas.
  • Supafaya: Unleashing a marketplace for alternative assets, starting with coveted sneakers. Get ready to explore a realm of unique and exclusive items. Founded by Owen Cuales.

Don’t miss out on this captivating event that brings together tomorrow’s industry disruptors and key stakeholders in the startup ecosystem. Be part of the excitement and witness the future unfold before your eyes! 

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