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Hear ye, hear ye! Cherian Thomas, the SVP at BYJU has traded his old stomping grounds for fresh pastures. A US-based startup named Impending has crowned him its new CEO. What’s the game plan for Cherian, you ask? Here are the juicy bullet points:

  • On a mission: Cherian is geared to jazz up Impending’s product range.
  • Radio Silence: BYJU has not yet announced who will be stepping into Cherian’s now vacant shoes. However, they did confirm Cherian’s departure.

Here’s some background you might find interesting:

  • Cherian’s not just a random Joe. He’s the brain behind BYJU’s entry into the American market. Plus, he helmed operations at Osmo, a BYJU subsidiary, raking in revenues of a cool $100 million in FY21.
  • Ever heard of the culinary blogging site Cucumbertown? Yep, our man co-founded it in 2012 before selling it to Japanese conglomerate Cookpad in 2016.
  • Fun fact: Cherian was one of Zynga’s first employees and stuck with them until their 2011 IPO.

Impending, now home to Cherian, is known for creating video games like Heads Up and Here Kitty along with the listing app Clear. Stay tuned for the next chapter in Cherian’s adventurous career saga!

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