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Ladies and Gentlemen, gather round! 🎉 We’ve got a thrilling tale of tech advancements, venture investments, and a hint of blockchain magic. Introducing the star of our show, Wiziin, a Vietnam-based startup driving the investment game to new heights. Here’s the nitty-gritty:

  • What do they do? Wiziin’s high-tech platforms serve up data-driven solutions for startups and investors, revolutionizing capital raising, dealmaking, and co-invest monitoring. 💡
  • Big news? They’ve just pocketed a cool $500,000 in pre-seed funding. This hefty sum, contributed by an (unnamed) tech serial entrepreneur, will boost their mission to connect investors and founders like never before – all through their shiny new blockchain-based platform. 💰
  • Who’s running this show? The minds behind Wiziin are Tien Nguyen and Thong Dang. Together they’ve been steering the ship since 2020, disrupting the investment landscape by focusing on emerging economies, particularly in the Asia Pacific Region. 👥
  • Impact? They’ve made big waves already, with a network of over 200 investors and more than 5,000 raised-fund companies. 🌊
  • What’s new? They’re building a new investment platform,, which promises to democratize funding access, empower entrepreneurs globally, and attract a wider range of investors. 🌍

So, that’s Wiziin in a nutshell. They’re powering the private equity investment revolution with user-centric solutions, making the complex world of investment a breeze. Watch out world!

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