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Alright, buckle up! Because the world of venture capital just got more interesting! So let’s dive right in. Remember Peak XV Partners? Yeah, the big guns of venture firms in India and Southeast Asia. Well, they’ve been signing over 10 term sheets and celebrating 3 exits in 10 weeks post their split with Sequoia.

  • Bullet point you ask? Here it is: Despite the frosty funding climate, Peak XV is making it rain deals!
  • Surprise package: One of their significant moves includes writing a fat check of up to $50 million to Neo Group, an asset management and financial advisory firm.

Remember the Sequoia split in June? Let me refresh your memory:

  • The Aftermath: The India and Southeast Asia units announced their eyes were set on a $2.5 billion uninvested capital from the previous $2.85 billion raise.
  • Expansion Plans: While Sequoia has been quiet about their expansion plans, Peak XV is boldly going where they haven’t gone before – the U.S. 🇺🇸 They’ve already started working on their first U.S. hire.
  • The cherry on top? They’ve brought nine new faces on board since the Sequoia split.

In a two-day mega meet-up with about 250 entrepreneurs, Peak XV showed their cards about their commitment to the region and how they plan to mobilize founders. The shockwaves from the June announcement left investors and founders in a pickle, but Peak XV is here to bring some clarity and a fresh, aggressive approach.

  • A fun trivia to blow your mind: Over the last three years, Peak XV’s portfolio startups have created a whopping $30 billion in public market cap. 
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