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Say hello to Beep, the Singapore-based IoT that’s been making waves, and not just any waves – electric ones! Possessing a certain buzz (get it?), Beep has successfully wrapped up a seed round with no amount disclosed.

  • Beep’s latest marvel? VoltNet, an EV roaming network, acts as a universal remote for all the EV charging stations in town. Think of one ring to rule them all, but for EV drivers.
  • Who’s got their back? Some of the big names joining the party include SP Group, CDG ENGIE, Charge+, and strategic buddies QuickCharge, MNL Solutions, and Go by City Energy.
  • Amount? Undisclosed.
  • Lead investors? GGV Capital, Wing Vasiksiri.
  • Other investors? NUS Technology Holdings, SUTD Venture Holdings, XA Network.
  • Stage: Seed
  • Origins: Beep started off in 2018 with an aim to make vending machines go cashless with IoT. Introduced Voltality in 2021 for an easy breezy EV charging experience.

Early adopters include Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre, Tribecar, EVFY, Singapore Electric Vehicles, and Quantum Mobility.

Get ready to plug in and ride the electric wave with Beep! #EVcharging #innovation #Beep

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